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persian blinds
shade; louver, shutter; Persian, resident of citizen of Persia; native of Persia; Persian language; blind

(n.) = roller blind ; blind ; shutter ; louvre [louver, -USA] ; shades.
Ex: Particular problems with reflections in VDU screens may need special diffused lighting or roller blinds, for example.
Ex: It is the order of words that helps us to distinguish between 'office post' and 'post office' or, to quote the hackneyed example, 'blind Venetian' and 'Venetian blind'.
Ex: Sometimes of an evening, after my miserable journeyings through the day, I would stand for hours in the Strand, leaning against the shutters of a closed shop, and watching the compositors at work by gaslight on the opposite side of the way, upon a morning paper.
Ex: The traditional concept of louvers for solar protection has recently been combined with many fresh ideas.
Ex: In the summer, shades keep out heat, but also light.
* enrollarse como una persiana = go on and on (and on (forever)).
* persiana de lamas = Venetian blind.
* persiana de láminas = louvre [louver, -USA].
* persiana de metal = security shutter.
* persiana de tabillas = louvre [louver, -USA].
* persiana veneciana = Venetian blind.

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