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personage, character; hero; heroine


(n.) = character ; personage ; figure.
Ex: In the meantime, a serious oral history project is fundamental to the preservation of the memories of those characters in the drama while they are still available.
Ex: The other systematic schedules, 38 in number, relate to particular classes of persons or things, eg 13 for subclassification under any disease or disorder, 7 for special subjects relative to any personage.
Ex: Much potentially valuable historical material is lost to posterity because of the attitude to the collection of primary sources which always gives pride of place to the ephemeral as long as it is compiled by a well-known figure.
* galería de personajes famosos = hall of fame.
* película con personajes de guiñol = puppet film.
* personaje de fantasía = fantasy character.
* personaje de ficción = fictional character.
* personaje famoso = celebrity ; celeb.
* personaje fantástico = fantasy character.
* personaje local = local figure.
* personaje mitológico = mythological character.
* personaje político = political figure.
* personaje principal = lead character.
* personaje principal, el = main character, the ; main actor, the.
* personaje público = public figure.
* personajes dramáticos = dramatis personae.
* personaje secundario = secondary character.
* personaje venido a menos = fallen star.
* todo lo relativo al personaje novelesco Holmes = Holmesiana.
* tratar como un personaje = lionise [lionize, -USA].

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