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personality; presence

characters, personality


(n.) = personality.
Ex: The interview went smoothly; the committee was impressed by her knowledge of the current library scene, her enthusiasm, and her engaging personality.
* afirmar + Posesivo + personalidad = make + a statement.
* culto a la personalidad = personality cult.
* desarrollar una personalidad propia = develop + an identity.
* doble personalidad = split personality ; dual personality.
* no tener personalidad = have + no stuffing.
* persona con doble personalidad = Jekyll and Hyde.
* personalidad contagiosa = infectious personality.
* personalidad extrovertida = outgoing personality.
* personalidad múltiple = split personality ; multiple personality.
* tener mucha personalidad = be full of character.
* tener personalidad = be a class act.
* tener una personalidad muy fuerte = be full of character.
* trastorno de personalidad = personality disorder.
(n.) = leading figure ; personality.
Ex: The history of this map collection began with donations by members of the Academy and other leading figures in the country.
Ex: This is a unique reference work featuring the main personalities in the world of wine and spirits.
* personalidad en el ámbito de la política = political personality.
* personalidad local = local figure.
* personalidad relevante = outstanding personality.
(n.) = personality.
Ex: Ranganathan proposed five basic types of facets which may occur in many subject fields: personality, matter, energy, space, time.
* aislado de personalidad = personality isolate.
* faceta de Personalidad = Personality facet.

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