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personification, embodiment; personation

(n.) = incarnation ; embodiment ; epitome ; personification ; embodier ; impersonation.
Ex: The term indexing language can seem rather daunting, and has certainly had different meanings in its different incarnations.
Ex: At first, large public libraries organised readers' advisory services as the embodiment of library adult education.
Ex: This extraordinary assault on a fine old children's book has ever since stood for me as the epitome of the scholastic abuse of literature.
Ex: The sketchbook features drawings illustrating the liberal arts (including personifications of the planets), the chivalrous life (including hunting and love), household remedies, mining and smelting, and war technology.
Ex: In the end, whether public libraries are allowed to continue in their present depressed state or whether they will become a many-sided embodier and nourisher of a literate society's literacy, depends not on the standards discussed by the professionals, but on those willed by the public.
Ex: In particular, the author examines the knowledge of Internet users regarding specific acts of computer abuse: piracy, unauthorized entry and impersonation.
* la personificación de la confianza en uno mismo = confidence personified.
* personificación de la calma, la = picture of calm, the.

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