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perverse; vicious, wicked; unnatural



(adj.) = wicked ; untoward ; perverse ; wayward ; slavering ; diabolical ; diabolic ; poison-pen ; sinister ; devilish ; vile ; meany ; perverted.
Ex: If the analogy with the fairy story is taken a little further it can be noted that no author really believes in dragons, wicked queens, fair maidens locked in high towers and the like.
Ex: Perhaps, he questioned himself, this is the way every principal operates, and there is nothing untoward in it.
Ex: The demand for business information, in relation to its price, is rather perverse in that high price often generates a high demand.
Ex: The article 'The wayward scholar: resources and research in popular culture' defends popular culture as a legitimate and important library resource.
Ex: There is much slavering, kinky enjoyment of Diana's torments, a quality shared with the Gothic novel.
Ex: This scene is appropriate in relation to the center panel, which shows the diabolical influence of lust.
Ex: The triptych as a whole reflects late Medieval obsession with demons and witches, and with the diabolic 'power of women' to corrupt man.
Ex: The writer explains how he earned a poison-pen reputation as dance and music critic at the Los Angeles Times.
Ex: The selectman received this explanation in silence, but he fastened on the librarian a glance full of sinister meaning.
Ex: Such a minx like her is better kept away -- she has too devilish effect on him.
Ex: I've never seen one human being treat another in such a vile, disgusting manner as I saw in that recording.
Ex: So I got him a new one and am not such a meany after all.
Ex: Most men are by nature rather perverted, and if given half a chance, would engage in quite a variety of the most revolting practices.
* mundo utópico perverso = dystopia.
* sexo perverso = kinky sex.
* utopía perversa = dystopia.
* utópico perverso = dystopian.

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