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pessimistic; depressed, gloomy
pessimist, pessimistic person, person who tends to view life negatively and expects the worst


(adj.) = pessimist ; pessimistic ; sombre [somber, -USA] ; gloomy ; doomsayer ; negativist ; worryguts ; worrywart ; worrypot ; blackly ; doomy ; worrier ; bearish.
Nota: Generalmente referido al mercado y a la economía.
Ex: Only an incurable pessimist would refuse to concede that the future will be longer than the past.
Ex: As the sales figures show, DC is very much alive, despite pessimistic forecasts in the 1960s.
Ex: The major source of national library resourcing remains central governments and the general picture of funding is sombre.
Ex: In spite of gloomy conditions thoughtful library leaders are saying that opportunities have never been more promising.
Ex: Doomsayers persist in the belief that the book world has been overrun by philistinism.
Ex: For this reason, I will probably not vote in the London mayoral election at all and this doesn't make me a whinging negativist dweeb.
Ex: He is far too young to be such a worryguts.
Ex: The incidence of banks going belly-up is pretty rare, but for worrywarts, it's nice to know the government will take care of you if something happens.
Ex: Some of the characters in the play are barking mad and the Mayor is a worrypot!.
Ex: Some possible candidates would definitely include Tom Lehrer, a former Harvard professor who became a song writer of blackly satirical songs.
Ex: It has been so damn dreary in Pittsburgh as of late, raining just about every day with little or no sunshine, so I've been in a very doomy mood.
Ex: If you're a born worrier, try to identify the times you catch yourself worrying most.
Ex: Small investors aren't the only one's turning bearish on equities, the persistent negativity is spilling over to Wall Street as well.
* de modo pesimista = gloomily.

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