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minced, ground; vexed
prick; pique; goad, nibble; jab; mince, chop; pound; harass
bridle, get one's back up

A guitar playing technique. Playing scale passages by alternating the index and middle fingers. Normally executed apoyando (with rest strokes)..



cut into pieces

(adj.) = choppy ; chopped ; ground ; minced ; miffed.
Ex: So far, Internet retailers have not been able to take the bread out of the mouths of the terrestrial booksellers, as had been feared, but the trading waters remain choppy.
Ex: Between 9 and 12 months, lumpy or chopped foods, such as vegetables, meats, or cottage cheese, may be introduced.
Ex: For red ink the usual colour was ground vermilion (i.e. red mercuric sulphide).
Ex: Ninety-one percent of cats tested prefer minced foods.
Ex: These are just superfluous rantings of miffed children.
* caer en picado = plummet ; swoop ; take + a nosedive ; nosedive.
* caer en picado al suelo = plummet to + the ground.
* caída en picado = plunge ; nosedive ; swoop.
* carne de cerdo picada = minced pork.
* carne de ternera picada = ground beef.
* carne de vaca picada = ground beef.
* carne picada = ground meat ; minced meat ; mince.
* descenso en picado = swoop.
* empezar a caer en picado = hit + the skids ; be on the skids.
* hielo picado = crushed ice.
* mar picada = heavy sea ; choppy sea.
* mar picado = choppy sea.
* ternera picada = minced beef.
(v.) = smart ; itch.
Ex: The Soviet hosts, meanwhile, still smarting over myriad implications of inferiority, found themselves in the novel position of being expected to instruct and enlighten Westerners.
Ex: Until your skin gets use to it, it will itch but non-scented talcum powder will help, just make sure you don't inhale any of that shit.
* picar la curiosidad = pique + Posesivo + curiosity.
* picar los ojos = have + itchy eyes.
* que pica = itchy ; scratchy .
(v.) = mince ; chop up.
Ex: A rotary machine invented in Holland in the late seventeenth century did not pound but minced the rags into pulp with revolving knives.
Ex: The writer bemoans record studios' tendency to chop up and fiddle with opera performances.
* máquina de picar carne = meat grinder ; meat mincer.
* tabla de picar = chopping board.
(v.) = sting.
Nota: Verbo irregular: pasado y participio stung.
Ex: When threatened, a stingray lashes out with its tail and tries to sting the intruder with one of its spines, which contain poison glands.
(v.) = peck ; snack.
Ex: They sold both the land and the animals, keeping only a dog and a few hens that walked freely, pecking and cackling in the garden.
Ex: I stayed there for several hours, snacking on hunks of bread and cheese and putting pen to paper.
* algo para picar = finger food.
* comida para picar = finger food.
* picar en una trampa = fall for + a joke ; fall for + it.
(v.) = keyboard.
Ex: One use of the Mouse is in free-hand drawing, but it also promises to improve drastically the way in which data can be manipulated once it has been keyboarded into a file.

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