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bite, sting, prick



(n.) = worm-hole ; sting ; bite.
Ex: Even though the facsimilist's paper is of the same period as that of the rest of the book, he is most unlikely to be able to match it precisely in all its characteristics thickness, texture, colour, chain-lines, watermark, and the propinquity of worm-holes and stains.
Ex: This book deals with the general biology of dangerous reptiles and anthropods, the nature of animal venoms, immunological aspects of envenomation, and treatment of bites and stings.
Ex: Likening this situation to eating an elephant, he advised: 'Start with a single bite' = Comparando la situación con comerse a un elefante, aconsejó: "Se comienza con un simple bocado".
* picadura de mosquito = mosquito bite.

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