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piquant, pungent, spicy, having a sharp flavor
piquancy, pungency, spiciness




(adj.) = piquant ; salty ; racy ; fiery ; risqué ; bawdy ; pungent ; spicy ; saucy ; tangy ; nippy ; raunchy .
Ex: The causes of this interest differ from one man to another; it may be the beautiful, the terrible, the awe-inspiring, the exhilarating, the pathetic, the comic, or the merely piquant.
Ex: Serious questions which face us may often be better understood when a modicum of salty satire is applied.
Ex: Today, nudity, sex, and excessive violence are not an issue and even the raciest films would garner a PG-13 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America, and most are even tamer than that.
Ex: In the end, his crude language and fiery personality limited him to the role of redneck poltergeist.
Ex: However, some of the central premises of the film are flawed, and the risqué touches, whether racial or erotic innuendo, are primarily there to titillate and make the film seem hot and controversial.
Ex: Their secondary aim was to print piratical, scurrilous and bawdy material for the people of Dublin.
Ex: The studies reported here addressed the question of whether the pungent element in chilies, capsaicin, suppresses taste and flavor intensity.
Ex: The odour impression was a very pleasant spearmint, with green, floral, fruity, and spicy sidenote.
Ex: Although some British seaside resorts still sell saucy postcards, they are not as popular as they used to be.
Ex: The most boring meal can be pepped up with spicy and tangy herbs.
Ex: Blend cream cheese with prepared horseradish for a nippy taste.
Ex: She has appeared in yet another provocative pose as she returns to her raunchy image following the break-up of her marriage.
* poner un poquito de picante = pep up.
* rábano picante = horseradish.

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