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(v.) = ask ; have + calls for ; call for ; call on/upon ; canvass ; instruct ; invite ; order ; plead for ; request ; require ; prompt ; bid ; beg ; howl for ; cadge ; call on/upon ; bay ; solicit ; ask for ; hold out for.
Ex: This recommendation asks the cataloguer to ascertain the name by which an author is commonly known.
Ex: For some while there have been calls for an abbreviated version of AACR, for small libraries and for non-cataloguers.
Ex: The main rules call for entry of societies under name and institutions under place.
Ex: This article calls on libraries to forge a renewed national commitment to cooperate in the building of a national information network for scholarly communications.
Ex: A change to 48% reduction instead of the present 24% is being canvassed, in order to keep the size within bounds, but this should not cause any serious problems in use, particularly as many modern microform readers have dual magnification.
Ex: Some of the above limitations of title indexes can be overcome by exercising a measure of control over the index terminology, and by inputting and instructing the computer to print a number of pre-determined links or references between keywords.
Ex: Members of the audience were invited to ask questions, make statements, and express themselves freely.
Ex: Edge notch cards are often ordered in a size tailored to the demands of the index, and can be purchased with any coding that the index designer specifies.
Ex: I would plead for more standardization, not less, because I think whatever we do is going to be imperfect.
Ex: Also, with online display, the user should be able to request displays indicating different levels of specificity.
Ex: If the library wants all users to have passwords, an authorization level of 1 can be assigned in the search function to force the system to require a password.
Ex: You will be prompted to choose a file; your last search will then be executed automatically in the file that you choose.
Ex: 'Sit down please,' he bade her.
Ex: A sociologist at Yale begs libraries to keep information from him - he says that information seeks him everywhere in this world of email, fax and telephone.
Ex: The article 'Howling for change' suggests what can be done to halt the decline of the book industry.
Ex: For the most part it is a story of bug-ridden rooms in working-men's hotels, of fights, drinking bouts, cheap brothels, Russian refugees, cadging.
Ex: The difference is only that an indexer is not usually called upon to appreciate the subtleties of the subject to the same extent as an abstractor.
Ex: If the Holocaust cannot be discussed freely then stop baying about freedom of speech.
Ex: Outside of that there is nothing solicited from them in the first two months.
Ex: Different enquirers might ask for this subject in quite different ways -- eg, is there anything on 'TV advertising of aluminium pressure-cookers'?.
Ex: Edward had wanted to make her his mistress, but she held out for marriage.
* a pedir de boca = without a hitch ; without a glitch.
* pedir ayuda = seek + assistance ; seek + help ; request + Posesivo + help ; ask for + help ; ask for + assistance.
* pedir ayuda a = enlist + the cooperation of.
* pedir con insistencia = urge ; urging.
* pedir consejo = ask for + advice.
* pedir demasiado de = ask + too much of.
* pedir dinero prestado = borrow + money.
* pedir disculpas = eat + Posesivo + words ; eat + humble pie ; eat + crow ; eat + dirt.
* pedir el divorcio = file for + divorce ; file + a petition for divorce.
* pedir encarecidamente = urge ; appeal for ; make + a plea for ; urging.
* pedir en préstamo = borrow.
* pedir especialmente = special order.
* pedir ideas = solicit + ideas.
* pedir información = request + information ; ask for + information.
* pedir información de = ask for + details of.
* pedir información sobre = enquire of.
* pedir la cabeza de Alguien = bay for + Posesivo + blood.
* pedir la documentación = card.
* pedir la identificación = card.
* pedir la luna = cry for + the moon ; ask for + the moon ; reach for + the moon.
* pedir la opinión sobre = ask for + opinion on.
* pedir la vez = stand in + line ; queue up ; form + a queue.
* pedirle cuentas a Alguien = bring + Nombre + to book.
* pedirle peras al olmo = cry for + the moon ; ask for + the moon ; reach for + the moon.
* pedir perdón = eat + Posesivo + words ; eat + humble pie ; eat + crow ; eat + dirt ; beg for + forgiveness ; ask for + forgiveness.
* pedir perdón por = feel + sorry for.
* pedir permiso = request + Posesivo + permission.
* pedir por correo = send away for.
* pedir por trozos = order by + the slice.
* pedir prestado = borrow.
* pedir rescate por Algo = hold + Nombre + for ransom.
* pedirse = call + dibs on ; bags ; have + dibs on.
* pedirse la vez = call + dibs on ; have + dibs on.
* pedir sugerencias = solicit + recommendations.
* pedir un crédito = ask for + credit.
* pedir un deseo = make + a wish ; mounting problems.
* pedir un préstamo = take + a loan.
* pedir un rescate = ransom.
* pedir venganza = bay for + vengeance ; bay for + blood.
* persona que pide asilo = asylum seeker.
* salir a pedir de boca = come up + roses ; go off without + a hitch ; go off without + a glitch ; turn out + perfectly.
* sin pedirlo = without asking for it.
* sólo tienes que pedírmelo = just say the word.
* todo + ir + a pedir de boca = everything + be + hunky-dory.
* venir a pedir de boca = come in + handy ; come in + handiest.
* volver a pedir = reorder [re-order].

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