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paint; picture; depict, portray; decorate; stain

depict, paint

paint, to

to paint

(v.) = depict ; paint.
Ex: Trial procedures aiming to increase service recognition and service usage, and the evaluation thereof, are then depicted.
Ex: The puppets were simple creations: cardboard heads painted and stitched onto pieces of cloth which formed the glove.
* la ocasión la pintan calva = make + hay while the sun shines ; take + time by the forelock.
* pintar a la esponja = sponging.
* pintar con espray = spray-paint.
* pintar de nuevo = repaint [re-paint].
* pintar en polvo = powder-coat.
* pintarse los labios = wear + lipstick.
* pintar sobre Algo ya pintado = overpaint.
* pintar sobre una decoración ocultándola o transformándola = clobbering.
* rodillo para pintar = paint roller.
* volver a pintar = repaint [re-paint].

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