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paint, picture; brushwork

dye, paint



(n.) = paint ; painting ; picture.
Nota: Tabla, papel, lienzo, etc., en que se ha pintado cualquier tipo de imágenes.
Ex: We will not accomplish that by being timid or by giving our profession a fresh coat of paint.
Ex: Within Human Science we find such subdisciplines as economics and sociology; within Art, painting and music.
Ex: A picture is a two-dimensional visual representation accessible to the naked eye and generally on an opaque backing and used when a more specific term (e.g. art original, photograph) is not appropriate.
* capa de pintura = coat of paint.
* investigador de pinturas = picture researcher.
* mano de pintura = paint job ; lick of paint ; coat of paint.
* obra maestra de la pintura clásica = old master ; old master painting.
* pintura al agua = gouache ; water-based paint.
* pintura al guache = gouache.
* pintura al óleo = oil painting ; oil-based paint.
* pintura al temple = tempera ; egg tempera ; tempera paint ; poster paint.
* pintura barroca = baroque painting.
* pintura con plomo = lead paint.
* pintura de emulsión = emulsion paint.
* pintura descascarillada = flaky paint.
* pintura en espray = spray paint.
* pintura látex = latex paint.
* pintura metálica = metallic paint.
* pintura mural = mural painting.
* pintura plástica = plastic paint.
* pintura rupestre = cave painting ; rock painting ; cave drawing.
* pintura suelta = flaky paint.
* pintura surrealista = surrealist painting.
* quitar pintura mediante chorro de arena a presión = sandblast.
* taller de chapa y pintura = bodywork workshop ; bodywork garage.

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