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forceps, tweezers; pincers; nippers
clothes peg, clip used to fasten clothes to a clothes line



(n.) = clamp ; peg ; pincher.
Ex: The purpose of the module is to enable students to identify, select, and demonstrate the proper selection, use, and care of pliers, wrenches, clamps, hammers, and screwdrivers.
Ex: Some vertical storage chests utilize wooden rods to which the maps are attached and others use clips or pegs.
Ex: This breed of crabs have tan legs, but lack the pinchers that are common on other breeds of crabs.
* con pinzas = with a grain of salt ; clamp-on.
* de pinzas = pleated.
* pinza de la nariz para nadar = nose clip.
* pinza de la ropa = clothes peg ; clothes pin.
* pinza del pelo = hair clip ; hair claw.
* pinzas de arranque = jumper cables ; booster cables ; jumper leads.
* pinzas de contacto = alligator clip.
* pinzas de dientes serrados = alligator clip.
* pinzas de la batería = jumper cables ; booster cables ; jumper leads.
(v.) = pinch.
Ex: The majority of participants reported regularly pinching areas of their body to check for fatness and avoided wearing clothing that made them particularly aware of their body.
= tweezers ; a pair of tweezers.
Ex: Perfect for eliminating even the most stubborn stray hairs, these tweezers are the perfect tool for all your hair-removal needs.
Ex: One way to get rid of unwanted hair in the armpits is to pluck underarm hair with a pair of tweezers.
* pinzas de depilación = tweezers ; a pair of tweezers.
* pinzas de depilar = tweezers ; a pair of tweezers.
(n.) = gripper.
Ex: Thus the paper, which was fed sheet by sheet into grippers on the cylinder by an operator, was printed as the cylinder rolled over the forme.

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