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floor, flooring; storey, level of a building; apartment, flat; stratum, horizontal layer of material; tread; sole; deck
tread, step; trample; collar; push; nobble

apartment, flat


flat he/she stepped

(v.) = set + foot (inside/in/on) ; tread ; tread on ; step on ; step ; walk onto.
Ex: Extensive use of made of the prominently painted yellow van by the public, including individuals who had never set foot inside a library.
Ex: E. M. Forster fashions a homoerotic subjectivity in his novel 'Where Angels Fear to Tread'.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Tread softly for you tread on my dreams: academicising Arthur Ransome'.
Ex: Brake lights should activate whenever the driver steps on the brake pedal and be visible from a distance of 300 feet.
Ex: It should be noted, however, that the pains generally are aggravated by succussion, as by riding in a wagon or by stepping hard.
Ex: I read that she walked onto the boat and caught them getting it on.
* adorar el suelo que + pisar = worship + the ground + Pronombre + walk on.
* al pisar = underfoot.
* andar pisando fuerte = go from + strength to strength ; make + a big impact.
* andar pisando huevos = drag + Posesivo + feet ; drag + Posesivo + heels.
* pisándole los talones a Alguien = in hot pursuit of ; in full cry ; in full pursuit of.
* pisar a fondo = give it + some welly ; go + hard (at).
* pisar el acelerador a fondo = speed off.
* pisar el embrague = depress + the clutch.
* pisar el freno = apply + the brakes.
* pisar el umbral = cross + the threshold of.
* pisar el umbral de = cross + the threshold of.
* pisar fuerte = go from + strength to strength ; make + a big impact ; stomp.
* pisar la calle = set + foot (out of/outside) the house.
* pisar los talones a = come on + the heels of ; breathe down + Posesivo + neck.
* pisar + Posesivo + casa = darken + Posesivo + door.
* pisarse los huevos = drag + Posesivo + feet ; drag + Posesivo + heels.
* pisar suavemente = pad.
* pisar terreno desconocido = be out of + Posesivo + depth ; be in over + Posesivo + head.
* pisar un pedal = depress + pedal.
* pisar uvas = tread + grapes.
(n.) = apartment ; high-rise flat ; condominium ; flat ; high-rise apartment.
Ex: She then said 'Thanks for the offer, but I've signed a contract and made a deposit on an apartment'.
Ex: Most of the larger cities have set up wholesale slum clearance programmes and rehousing in council housing and high-rise flats.
Ex: Additional apartments and condominiums were quickly erected to accommodate the influx of employees in the new research park.
Ex: This multi-functional community complex incorporates meeting rooms, sports hall, squash courts, old people's day centre, toy library, YMCA flats, a church centre and arts and crafts workshops.
Ex: Previous research has demonstrated that frail elderly living in subsidized high-rise apartments have greater unmet needs than elderly who reside in traditional community housing.
* bloque de pisos = block of flats ; block of high-rise flats ; tower block ; apartment complex ; apartment building ; apartment block ; condo ; condominium.
* buscar piso = go + flat-hunting.
* búsqueda de piso = flat-hunting.
* casa de pisos = tenement ; apartment block ; apartment building ; apartment complex.
* compañero de piso = flatmate ; housemate ; roomie ; roommate.
* compartir piso = room (with).
* complejo de pisos = condominium complex.
* edificio de pisos = condominium building.
* piso franco = safe house.
* piso piloto = show home.
(n.) = floor ; level ; storey [story, -USA] ; story [storey, -UK].
Nota: Arquitectura.
Ex: The library, which is of split-level design on 2 floors, includes a lending collection, children's library, study area, and audio-visual section.
Ex: The other rooms on the third, second and first levels have a mixture of stacking chairs with writing board arms.
Ex: The library is situated on the top two floors of a six storey building.
Ex: The vista of main street shows in addition to the jumble and squeeze of shops, a 12-story skyscraper, several impressive banks, and a few elderly housing units.
* aparcamiento de vario pisos = parkade.
* aparcamiento de varios pisos = multi-storey car park.
* autobús de dos pisos = double-decker bus.
* con varios pisos = multi-storey [multistorey/multistory].
* de piso corrido = flat-floored ; flat-floor.
* de piso llano = flat-floor ; flat-floored.
* de un solo piso = flat-floor ; flat-floored.
* en el piso de abajo = downstairs.
* en el piso de arriba = upstairs.
* piso de diseño abierto = open floor.
* piso de madera = wood flooring ; floor boarding ; plank floor.
* piso húmedo = wet floor.

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