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holster, gun pouch
holster, gun pouch, case in which a gun is carried; saddlebags

(n.) = love handles.
Ex: Love handles are easily treated with liposuction, and the results are gratifying and very long lasting.
(n.) = holster.
Ex: The course covers the following topics: revolver nomenclature and maintenance; inspecting revolvers and holsters; and legal issues and deadly force.
(n.) = gunman [gunmen, -pl.] ; gunslinger ; shooter.
Ex: Many of the inhabitants were shot dead or injured by a crazed gunman.
Ex: Notorious outlaws, desperadoes, and gunslingers rustled up trouble in town after town but when the gold disappeared they all left.
Ex: He was left without a scratch and pursued the shooter on foot until the gunman commandeered a passing car.
* pistolero a sueldo = hired gun.

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