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slate, blackboard

blackboard, chalkboard, slate



(n.) = blackboard ; chalkboard ; slate ; slateboard ; shale.
Ex: Imagine that there is a graphic to project on the screen or blackboard.
Ex: In some cases, the overhead projector can replace the chalkboard.
Ex: Libraries are built mainly from wood, slate and glass, with a structure designed to suit a wide range of activities.
Ex: Now, instructors can beam what they write on their whiteboards directly to students' laptops, in effect turning each laptop screen into a portable, interactive slateboard.
Ex: Since shales and siltstones erode faster than sandstones and limestones, the basic topography is flat-topped mountains with stepped flanks.
* de color pizarra = slaty .
* parecido a la pizarra = slaty .
* pizarra virtual = whiteboard.

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