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loot; silver; brass




(n.) = silver.
Ex: Finally, test the coating of a glossy paper by rubbing it with a piece of silver.
* aniversario de plata = silver anniversary ; silver jubilee.
* artículos de plata = silverware.
* bodas de plata = silver wedding ; silver wedding anniversary.
* enchapado en plata = silver-plated.
* ganador de la medalla de plata = silver medalist.
* hablando en plata = crudely put ; to put it crudely ; to put it bluntly.
* hablar en plata = put + it crudely.
* lingote de plata = silver ingot.
* medalla de plata = silver medal.
* medallista de plata = silver medalist.
* papel de plata = tinfoil [tin foil] ; kitchen foil ; aluminum foil ; aluminium foil.
* película de haluro de plata = silver halide film.
* plata coloidal = colloidal silver.
* plata en lingotes = silver bullion.
* sulfuro de plata = silver sulphide.
* utensilios de plata = silverware.
(n.) = dough ; lolly ; wonga ; readies ; the ready.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Our other customers -- the super rich: they also read who roll in dough'.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Sports get lucky with lotteries lolly'.
Ex: MS has done this in a move to encourage folk to upgrade their OS without the need to spend lots of wonga on new hardware.
Ex: To add insult to injury, she came back from the cash-point without enough readies and had to make a return journey.
Ex: The government has an obligation to ensure that those who are genuinely incapable of earning a minimally decent living for themselves have the ready needed to secure the basics.

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