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respite; term; time; date; notice; installment

term, time limit



(n.) = instalment [installment, -USA] ; schedule ; time frame [timeframe] ; deadline ; term ; dateline ; period ; time limit ; timeline [time line].
Ex: A fascicle is one of the temporary divisions of a work that, for convenience in printing or publication, is issued in small instalments, usually incomplete in themselves.
Ex: The head librarian had set up a timetable of activities for her in advance and topics and schedules for the courses she would teach at the library school.
Ex: This not only gives the decision maker an idea of the time frame involved but also aids in identifying potential weaknesses.
Ex: The deadline for these second phase reports is, I believe, October 30, 1975.
Ex: The board consists of seven members elected by popular ballot for three-year terms.
Ex: All we have left of the millenarian dateline is the countdown to it.
Ex: Library use declines during the June-October period when examinations have finished and the students are on vacation.
Ex: The time involved in all searches was carefully measured; in test 1 the time limit was set at 10 minutes, while for searchers in test 2 the time limit was extended to 15 minutes.
Ex: This article describes a city-wide communications network, looks behind the scenes at how it was developed, and summarises what was learned from creating the system on a tight timeline.
* a corto plazo = before very long ; short term [short-term] ; in the short run ; short-range ; at short notice ; in the short term ; short-run ; for the short haul ; for the short run ; over the short run ; over the short haul.
* a largo plazo = in the long term ; over the long term ; long-range ; in the long run ; long-term ; over the long run ; over the long haul ; long-run ; in the far term ; far-term ; for the long haul ; for the long pull ; for the long run.
* a más largo plazo = longer-term.
* a medio plazo = medium-term ; near-term ; in the medium term ; in the mid-term ; mid-term [midterm].
* a plazos = in instalments.
* cierre de plazo = deadline ; dateline.
* compra a plazos apartando el producto = layaway ; lay-by.
* comprar a plazos = buy in + instalments.
* comprar a plazos apartando el producto = lay away.
* con un plazo de tiempo muy = at (a) very short notice.
* con un plazo de tiempo tan corto = at such short notice.
* cumplir (con) un plazo = meet + deadline ; comply with + a deadline.
* daño a largo plazo = long-term damage.
* de plazo vencido = lapsed ; overdue.
* en el futuro a largo plazo = in the long-term future.
* en el plazo de = in the span of ; in the space of ; in a matter of.
* en el plazo de una hora = in the span of one hour.
* en un plazo de tiempo muy corto = in a very short space of time.
* final del plazo = closing date ; deadline ; dateline.
* fuera de plazo = late.
* futuro a largo plazo = long-term future.
* imposición a plazo fijo = certificate of deposit.
* incentivo laboral a largo plazo = golden handcuffs.
* no cumplir con el plazo de publicación = miss + publication deadline.
* pagar a plazos = pay in + instalments.
* perjuicio a largo plazo = long-term damage.
* plan a largo plazo = long-term plan.
* plazo de ejecución = time scale [timescale] ; time scale [timescale].
* plazo de presentación = call for projects ; call for papers.
* plazo de presentación de proyectos = call for proposals.
* plazo de respuesta = turnaround time ; turnabout time.
* plazo de tiempo = timeline [time line].
* plazo legal = statutory term.
* plazos = time scale [timescale] ; time schedule.
* plazos de amortización = repayment schedules.
* política a largo plazo = long term policy ; long term policy.
* préstamo de plazo intermedio = intermediate-term loan.
* solución a corto plazo = short-term solution.
* solución a largo plazo = long-term solution.
* tarifa por inscripción fuera de plazo = late registration fee.
* tener el plazo cumplido = be due.
* tener el plazo vencido = be overdue.
* trabajar con plazos de entrega estrictos = work to + deadlines.

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