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poor, indigent, miserable, woeful; wretched, pitiable
pauper, beggar

miserable, poor


(adj.) = poor ; weak ; denuded ; penurious ; impoverished ; impecunious ; down-and-out ; destitute ; pauper ; indigent ; downmarket.
Ex: Examples are generally poor or obscure (often in Latin or German).
Ex: Problems arise from weak or outmoded structuring of subjects in the schedules of DC.
Ex: Which is a more effective location is a question that can be explored, but we do need to avoid the situation faced by other in situations developed in past ages, like the Church of England, whose physical plant (the church buildings) is over-provided for the denuded rural areas and under-provided for the city.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Periodicals: proliferation, pricing and the penurious librarian'.
Ex: Many books contain inaccuracies and generalisations about Africa, perpetuating stereotypes e.g. that of the malnourished, impoverished African.
Ex: Despite its impecunious state and lack of a home until 1928, the UK Library Association remained confident about the future of libraries and librarianship.
Ex: The story is based on an overheard conversation between a well-meaning librarian and a down-and-out old man seeking validation for his unpublished poetry.
Ex: The clarity of his drawings contrasts sharply with the total alienation in which he lived as a destitute mental patient with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia.
Ex: Gavarni's illustrations of waifs, paupers, and beggars were later published separately, with captions added by the artist.
Ex: These indigents, known to the public as tramps & skid row winos, are very visible & more likely to be arrested for drunkenness & other petty offenses than a person with a permanent home.
Ex: Those downmarket films brought my family financial security.
* aprendizaje pobre en inteligencia = knowledge-sparse learning.
* asilo de pobres = almshouse.
* barrio de los pobres = lower town.
* barrio pobre del centro de la ciudad = inner-city suburb ; inner-city area.
* barrios pobres del centro de la ciudad = inner city.
* estilo pobre = impoverished style.
* excusa muy pobre = lame excuse.
* la gente pobre = the poor.
* los más pobres + Nombre = the poorest + Nombre.
* los pobres = the poor.
* pariente pobre = poor relation.
* pobre en información = info-poor.
* pobre en nutrientes = nutrient-poor.
* pobre en recursos = resource-poor.
* pobre hombre = poor fellow.
* pobres = have-nots.
* pobres en información = information have-nots.
* pobres en información, los = information-poor, the.
* pobres en tecnología, los = technical poor, the.
* pobre verbalmente = verbally impoverished.
* pretexto muy pobre = lame excuse.
* ricos y los pobres, los = haves and the have-nots, the.
(adj.) = downscale.
Ex: It is a relatively small and shabby building in the middle of a downscale neighborhood.

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