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poorness, state of lacking money, indigence; neediness; want



(n.) = anaemia [anemia, -USA] ; poverty ; scarcity ; penury ; indigence.
Ex: His work is criticized for its triviality, quantity, linguistically impoverished style, anemia of characterization, and cliched, stereotyped ideas and plots.
Ex: The economically told chronicle of Slake's adventures is an eloquent study of poverty, of fear, and finally of hope as circumstances converge to force Slake from his temporary limbo.
Ex: The relative scarcity of music automated authority and bibliographic records likewise increases costs.
Ex: The practice found in some libraries of using the index to the scheme as an index to the catalogue is a makeshift expedient, by penury out of ignorance, and must be condemned.
Ex: In this context, poverty and indigence will most likely increase moderately, continuing the negative trend begun in 2008.
* de la fortuna a la pobreza = riches to rags.
* de la pobreza a la fortuna = rags to riches.
* de la pobreza a la riqueza = from rags to riches.
* feminización de la pobreza = feminisation of poverty.
* hacer voto de pobreza = take + a vow of poverty.
* índice de pobreza = poverty rate.
* luchar contra la pobreza = fight + poverty.
* morir en la pobreza = die in + poverty.
* nivel de pobreza = poverty level.
* pobreza de información = information poverty.
* tasa de pobreza = poverty rate.
* trampa de la pobreza = poverty trap.
* umbral de pobreza = poverty line.
* vivir al borde de la pobreza = live on + the poverty line.
* vivir en el umbral de la pobreza = live on + the poverty line.
* vivir en la pobreza = walk + the streets of misery.
* vivir por debajo del umbral de pobreza = live below/under + the poverty line.
* vivir por encima del umbral de pobreza = live above + the poverty line.
* voto de pobreza = vow of poverty.

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