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certainly, by the by

= coincidentally ; incidentally ; by the way ; anecdotally ; by the by(e) ; speaking of which.
Ex: Ironically, the latter proved to be the most vulnerable and acutely criticized of Panizzi's rules, as, coincidentally, are the corresponding AACR rules. Ex: Incidentally, this book was about the invasion of Denmark. Ex: It is not wise, by the way, to approach the author by telephone for this puts him on the spot and he may refuse simply in self-defense and especially if you happen to butt in when he is struggling with an obstinate chapter in a new book. Ex: Anecdotally, it is often assumed that users preferring print are among the most senior in academic rank and/or years. Ex: Zenobia, by-the-by, as I suppose you know, is merely her public name. Ex: Speaking of which, Chertoff recently lifted restrictions that have confined airline passengers to their seats for a half hour after taking off and before landing.

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