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percent, one part of a hundred; percentage, rate or proportion per hundred




(n.) = percentage ; rate.
Ex: But those institutions, and I am referring particularly to public libraries, serve a very large percentage of the nation's library users.
Ex: Whether, in the future, the co-operatives will be able to fund appropriate developments at a sufficiently rapid rate remains an unanswered question.
* calcular el porcentaje = percent.
* porcentaje de aprobados = pass rate.
* porcentaje de autores servidos = author fill rate.
* porcentaje de éxito = success rate.
* porcentaje de materias servidas = subject fill rate.
* porcentaje de satisfacción de consultas imprecisas = browsers' fill rate.
* porcentaje de suicidios = suicide rate.
* porcentaje de suspensos = failure rate.
* porcentaje de títulos servidos = title fill rate.

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