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portion; crumb; dollop; dosage; slice; lot

(n.) = piece ; portion ; segment ; bit ; serving ; moiety ; dollop.
Ex: Within one main class the same piece of notation may be used to signify different concepts.
Ex: An extract is one o more portions of a document selected to represent the whole document.
Ex: No such constraints exist where online display is anticipated, since only one segment at a time is displayed.
Ex: The assistant in charge of a section will see that their bit is kept tidy and will keep an eye open for thieves.
Ex: Information is provided on each species of fish eaten, the serving size and the number of servings eaten by an individual.
Ex: Based on the above considerations, medicinal ingredients containing the same active moiety are classified into identical or non-identical.
Ex: These chocolate dollops will disappear as quickly as you make them -- the kids will love them.
* porción de mantequilla = pat of butter.

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