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because, for
reason, cause, basis for action; amount

because, for the reason that

because reason

= because ; for ; cos ; cuz.
Nota: Abreviatura de because.
Ex: In practice, many cataloguers favour the direct catalogue partly because it is simpler for the cataloguer to compile.
Ex: The various kinds of non-book media can be grouped into categories; this has little to do with their containing material whether video tape, ink on paper or holes in cards, for this can be shared by more than one medium.
Ex: I just smiled and told him to naff off cos short of punching him in the gob what can you do?.
Ex: Cuz they know that old coot constantly contradicts himself and makes no sense whatsoever.
* aunque sólo sea porque = if only because.
* el porqué de = the reason behind ; the thinking behind ; the reasoning behind ; the idea behind.
* las cosas no pasan así porque sí = everything happens for a reason (and a purpose).
* no preguntes porque no te puedo decir la verdad = ask no questions and hear no lies.
* porque + Pronombre + interesar = out of interest.
* porque sí = (just) for the hell of (doing) it ; for the love of it ; (just) for the fun of (doing) it ; (just) for the sake of it.
* porque sí, sin ningún otro motivo, de vicio, por gusto, por diversión, por p = (just) for the sake of it ; (just) for the sake of it.
* ver el porqué = see + the point.

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