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club, cudgel; baton; sandbag


(n.) = cosh ; bludgeon ; baton.
Ex: Joe smacked him round the head with his cosh, but the old man was surprisingly resilient.
Ex: Then, brandishing his bludgeon, he said fiercely, 'I will make short work of them - they will never run after any more reindeer'.
Ex: Police, wielding batons, clashed with lawyers and journalists on Monday outside the courthouse.
* golpear con una porra = club.
* irse a la porra = go + pear-shaped ; go down + the tube ; go down + the drain ; go + belly up ; go + tits up ; become + a shambles ; go (and) take a hike ; go to + hell ; get out of + Posesivo + face.
* mandar a la porra = send + Nombre + packing.
* terminal en porra = clubbed serif.

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