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positive; assertive; plus; definite
positive, photograph having true colors; pole with a positive electrical charge (Electricity); first degree of comparison (Grammar)




(adj.) = beneficial ; constructive ; healthy ; plus ; positive ; nurturing ; win-win + Nombre ; empowering ; uplifting.
Ex: A high exhaustivity of indexing, then, is beneficial where a thorough search is required, but may be a handicap when only a few highly relevant documents are sought.
Ex: During her tenure as head of the EPA library, she dealt with the dissatisfaction with the national treatment of U.S. documents in a most constructive manner, by establishing the Government Documents Round Table (GODORT).
Ex: Do not use the negative (e.g. use sick instead of not healthy).
Ex: Here the date the amount was changed, the amount of the change, either plus or minus, and the user number of the person making the change are shown.
Ex: When the amount of money is positive, this money is credited to the vendor.
Ex: All managers should be knowledgeable in strategies of good directing so that a productive and nurturing environment can be created.
Ex: The situation appears unstable and unsatisfactory; yet it survives in the absence of something better, such as a win-win scenario where publishers, librarians and researchers could all benefit.
Ex: The implications here are that the organizational climate must be nurturing rather than coercive, empowering rather than controlling.
Ex: It must be the least uplifting, most circumspect film ever made about sainthood.
* acabar de forma positiva = end + Nombre + on a high (note).
* actitud positiva = positive attitude.
* balance positivo = credit balance ; positive outcome.
* beneficio positivo = positive return.
* dar positivo = test + positive.
* de forma positiva = in a positive light ; constructively ; in a positive manner ; in a good way.
* de manera positiva = in a positive light ; in a positive manner ; constructively.
* de modo positivo = in a positive manner ; in a positive light.
* de un modo positivo = positively ; constructively.
* discriminación positiva = positive discrimination.
* efecto positivo = positive effect ; beneficial effect.
* en el lado positivo = on the credit side ; on the bright side ; on the upside.
* energía positiva = good vibes.
* experiencia positiva = success story.
* impacto positivo = positive impact.
* mantenerse positivo = hang in (there).
* número entero positivo = positive integer.
* puntos positivos = brownie points.
* reacción positiva = positive reaction.
* relación positiva = positive relationship.
* respuesta positiva = positive response.
* resultado positivo = positive outcome ; positive result.
* saldo positivo = credit balance.
* tener un efecto positivo en = have + a positive effect on.
* terminar de forma positiva = end + Nombre + on a high (note).
* test + ser + positivo = test + positive.
* valor positivo = virtue.
* ver las cosas positivas = look on + the bright side.
* ver las cosas positivas de la vida = look on + the bright side of life.

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