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magnate; potentate


(n.) = magnate ; tycoon ; mogul ; fat cat ; potentate.
Ex: American cornflakes magnate John Harvey Kellogg declared war on masturbation at the end of 19th century.
Ex: Information technology tycoons have made a surprising rebound from the technology bubble burst to top this year's China rich people list.
Ex: Many celebrities including singers, actors, and other important moguls were there to show support and try to induce donations from many organizations.
Ex: The fat cats who placed the entire economy at risk with their greed and manic irresponsibility are trying to lay claim to every last dime in the national Treasury.
Ex: From potentate to prisoner: Laurent Gbagbo, the former president, is at last taken out of action but will his country right itself?.
* sueldo de potentados = fat-cat salary.

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