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forewarn, warn ahead of time
precaution, foresight


(n.) = caution ; precaution.
Ex: The project is being undertaken with caution.
Ex: Just as in the establishment of headings for use in catalogues and indexes a code was deemed useful so a code is a wise precaution in any search for standard filing orders.
* extrema precaución = extreme caution.
* medida de precaución = security precaution ; precautionary measure.
* pecar de precaución = err + on the side of caution.
* precaución contra el fuego = fire precaution.
* tener precaución de = be chary of.
* tomar precaución = take + precaution ; take + caution.
* tratar con precaución = approach + with caution.
* usar con precaución = use + with caution.

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