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(v.) = go before ; precede ; preface ; come before ; antedate ; forego [forgo] ; trump.
Ex: Acknowledgements: the author wishes to acknowledge her debt to the authors of the literature that has gone before, and also to the various persons and organisations that have kindly permitted the reproduction of their work.
Ex: For instance 'Sculpture-Technique' precedes 'Sculpture in motion'.
Ex: The last of the primary operators, 6, prefaces terms which describe either the form (e.g. that it is a dictionary or bibliography) or the target audience (e.g. that it is intended for nurses or midwives) of the document.
Ex: That planning comes before organizing cannot be emphasized too much.
Ex: The human interface antedates the computer interface by millenia.
Ex: I will tell you the adventure which befell me in my fifth voyage, which was yet rarer and more marvelous than those which forewent it.
Ex: If prejudice is allowed to trump the rights that all citizens should enjoy, then everyone's freedoms are ultimately endangered.
* fama + preceder = Posesivo + fame + precede + Nombre.
* la calma que precede a la tormenta = the lull before the storm.

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