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precious; nice, lovely; beautiful


(adj.) = precious.
Ex: Here came every sort of human ingredient -- sturdy homesteaders, skilled craftsmen, precious scoundrels.
* metal precioso = precious metal.
* piedra preciosa = cameo ; precious stone ; gemstone.
* tiempo + ser + precioso = time + be + precious.
(adj.) = divine ; lovely ; pretty ; cute .
Ex: Her slinky dress was incredibly sexy, the colour was divine on her, plus the gold accessories were the perfect complement.
Ex: The article 'Lovely idea, but unlovely pricing' criticizes the pricing level of a new service aimed at research scientists in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology companies.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Virtual reality: tomorrow's information system, or just another pretty interface?'.
Ex: Frequently the youngest child takes on the role of the mascot; he acts cute, mischievous, and endearing.

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