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code; prefix
prefix, place before or in front of; add a prefix, add a word or word stem to the beginning of a word; set or arrange in advance


(n.) = prefix [prefixes, -pl.] ; prefix code.
Nota: Abreviatura del nombre de un campo que se utiliza normalmente para limitar la búsqueda a ese campo anteponiéndolo a la palabra buscada.
Ex: Left hand truncation, which involves the neglect of prefixes or the elimination of characters from the beginning of a word, is also possible in many systems.
Ex: Other fields are known as 'Additional Indexes' and require the use of prefix codes before search terms (e.g. AU, TI, JN); thus field restriction is automatic.
* nombre con prefijo = prefixed name.
* prefijo telefónico = telephone area code.
(v.) = prefix.
Ex: It is advisable to prefix all routing list names with a common abbreviation to distinguish them from normal borrower names and to make them easy to find.

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