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prejudice, preconceived opinion, bias; prejudgment, sentence passed before proper examination of the circumstances


(n.) = bias [biases, -pl.] ; prejudice ; partiality.
Ex: The place of publication may also warn of biases in approach or differences in terminology that arise in the text.
Ex: Of particular note is his classic monograph 'Prejudices and Antipathies', published by Scarecrow Press, a critique of LC entry and subject heading practices.
Ex: Librarians must avoid any suggestion of partiality or support for a particular point of view, in order to safeguard the library's most important characteristics, neutrality and fairness.
* con prejuicios = prejudicial.
* delito motivador por prejuicios = hate crime.
* desafiar un prejuicio = challenge + prejudice.
* libre de prejuicios = unprejudiced.
* libre de todo prejuicio = unprejudiced.
* lleno de prejuicios = prejudiced.
* no tener prejuicios = be open-minded.
* prejuicio de clases = class prejudice.
* prejuicio + surgir = prejudice + arise.
* reforzar un prejuicio = reinforce + prejudice.
* sin prejuicios = open-minded ; fair-minded [fairminded] ; unprejudiced.

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