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reward, prize, award; premium; accolade; wage
award, reward

premium, prize premium, prize

prize it rewarded

(n.) = award ; honour [honor, -USA] ; prize ; reward ; guerdon.
Ex: It appeared originally in the Hennepin County Library Cataloging Bulletin, which received the H.W Wilson award as the best library periodical for 1976.
Ex: Another honor he received is RTSD's Esther J. Piercy Award for younger members making a substantial contribution to technical services.
Ex: In 1965, he had the best results nationwide on the intermediate librarianship examination, which won him the Cawthorne prize.
Ex: The dependence on bosses for recognition, rewards, and advancement breeds an artificiality of relationship, a need to be polite and agreeable.
Ex: Not far off, the barn, plethoric with the autumn's harvest spoils, holds the farmer's well-earned trophies -- the guerdon of his toils.
* ceremonia de entrega de premios = award(s) ceremony.
* conceder un premio = give + an award ; grant + an award ; award + a prize.
* conseguir un premio = earn + an award ; win + an award ; win + a prize ; achieve + an award.
* dar un premio = give + an award ; grant + an award ; award + a prize.
* dinero del premio = prize money.
* entregar un premio = present + award.
* ganador de premio = award winner.
* ganador de un premio = awardee.
* ganar un premio = win + a prize ; win + an award ; earn + an award ; scoop + prize.
* Gran Premio de Mónaco, el = Monaco Grand Prix, the.
* obtener un premio = earn + an award ; win + an award ; win + a prize.
* otorgar un premio = give + an award ; grant + an award ; award + a prize.
* premio a la mejor actriz = best-actress prize.
* premio al último = booby prize.
* premio de consolación = consolation prize ; booby prize.
* premio de reconocimiento = honour award.
* premio en efectivo = cash prize.
* premio en metálico = cash award ; prize money ; cash prize.
* premio gordo = jackpot.
* premio literario = book award ; literary award ; literary prize ; book prize.
* premio máximo = jackpot.
* Premio Nobel = Nobel Prize ; Nobel laureate.
* Premio Nobel de la Paz = Nobel Peace Laureate.
* premio + Nombre del Premio = medalist [medallist, -USA].
* premio para = full marks to.
* recibir un premio = receive + award ; earn + an award.
* relacionado con la concesión de premios = award-giving [award giving].
(v.) = reward ; give + an award ; grant + an award ; award + a prize.
Ex: They admitted that they did not evaluate their technicians and aides, and confirmed that increases were automatic and the same 'across-the-board'; superior performance was not rewarded, nor inferior performance punished.
Ex: A police dog strangled and left unconscious as he helped make an arrest has been given an award.
Ex: In granting the award, Committee praised the Agency 'for their efforts to prevent nuclear energy from being used'.
Ex: Ivy, a final year engineering student, has been awarded a prize for academic excellence.
= medalist [medallist, -USA].
Ex: The author, Anne Fine, was Carnegie Medallist in 1989.

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