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preoccupy; worry, concern; exercise; prepossess


(v.) = bother ; cause + concern ; preoccupy ; press upon ; trouble ; perturb ; heighten + concern ; stress + Nombre + out.
Ex: Why bother, then, to create an alphabetical index to the classified file when you already have a printed alphabetical index to the schedules of the classification scheme?.
Ex: The decision to introduce payments for ILL in Australia has caused much concern and a lot of anger.
Ex: Abstracting agencies citation recommendations may be preoccupied with the practices desirable for periodical articles.
Ex: For example, the latter are unlikely to engage themselves in conservation issues as these now press upon the professional consciousness of librarians.
Ex: This is a problem that has frequently troubled teachers.
Ex: She wanted to suggest some course of action splendid and decisive, and was perturbed to find that she could not.
Ex: Rapid urban growth and suburban sprawl have heightened concern in many quarters about sustainable development.
Ex: Forty percent of Americans say it stresses them out too much to think about health care and costs.
* no preocuparse que = rest + assured that ; rest + easy that.
* preocupar muchísimo = worry + Nombre + sick.
* preocuparse = alarm ; become + distressed ; dismay ; fret ; wring + Posesivo + hands ; stew.
* preocuparse de = agonise over [agonize, -USA].
* preocuparse del coste de = be cost conscious.
* preocuparse (de/por) = worry (about).
* preocuparse muchísimo = worry + Nombre + to death ; be worried sick ; worry + Nombre + stiff ; be worried stiff.
* preocuparse por = become + apprehensive about ; care (about/for) ; be apprehensive (about) ; lose + sleep over/on ; fret about.
* sin preocuparse lo más mínimo = blithely.

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