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estimate; presupposition; budget
imply; presuppose

budget, budgeting


(n.) = assumption ; budget ; presumption ; presupposition [pre-supposition] ; quotation ; financial statement ; budget dollar ; purse strings ; budget allocation ; budgetary allocation ; quote.
Ex: Also, in controlled indexing language data bases, there is often an assumption that a user will be prepared to chase strings of references or to consult a sometimes complex thesaurus.
Ex: Factors here may be: total budget available for the production of abstracts.
Ex: Some of these presumptions have served only to perpetuate misconceptions of collection.
Ex: Computers hold pre-defined and fixed presuppositions, whilst those of humans are unpredictable.
Ex: When costing, the quotation given seriously underestimated the time needed for the job = Cuando se calculó el costo, el presupuesto que se dio subestimó en gran medida el tiempo necesario para hacer el trabajo.
Ex: These include an explanatory memorandum which sets out the background of the proposal, and usually also a financial statement of likely budget expenditure.
Ex: The library and information sectors have to escalate their fight for every budget dollar, and some struggle to justify their very existence.
Ex: The problem is spreading rapidly, affecting people at all levels of society some of whom control the fate and purse strings of libraries.
Ex: If there is no policy of standardization, the librarian will be free to choose any suitable system within the budget allocation.
Ex: The figures in brackets are the percentages of the 1982 budgetary allocations for research.
Ex: This is the most cost-effective method of acquisition because of the opportunity to choose the least expensive quote from multiple quotes through increasing purchasing power.
* administrar el presupuesto = manage + funds.
* agotar el presupuesto = drain + budget.
* asignación de presupuesto = budgeting.
* asignar un presupuesto = allocate + funds.
* aumentar el presupuesto = add + monies to + budget.
* austeridad de los presupuestos = budgetary stringency.
* basarse en + presupuesto = assumption + undergird.
* confección del presupuesto = budgeting.
* congelación de los presupuestos = budget freeze.
* congelar el presupuesto = freeze + budget.
* controlar el presupuesto = control + the purse strings.
* control de los presupuestos = budgetary control.
* con un presupuesto limitado = low-budget ; on a budget.
* con un presupuesto muy exiguo = on a shoestring (budget).
* con un presupuesto reducido = low-budget.
* dado a recortar presupuestos = budget-cutting.
* elaboración del presupuesto = budgeting process.
* elaboración de presupuesto = budgeting.
* encargado de hacer el presupuesto = budgetmaker.
* encargarse del presupuesto = control + the purse strings.
* equilibrar el presupuesto = balance + the budget.
* exceso en el presupuesto = budget overrun ; overrun [over-run] ; cost overrun.
* hacer un presupuesto = cost.
* inflar un presupuesto = pad + a budget.
* limitación del presupuesto = budget constraint.
* partir de presupuestos = make + assumptions.
* presupuesto asignado por actividades = performance budget.
* presupuesto asignado según una fórmula = formula budget.
* presupuesto cada vez más pequeño = shrinking budget.
* presupuesto cada vez menor = shrinking budget.
* presupuesto congelado = stagnant budget ; frozen budget.
* presupuesto de adquisiciones = acquisitions budget.
* presupuesto de base cero = zero-base(d) budgeting (ZZB) ; zero-base(d) budget.
* presupuesto desglosado por partidas = programme budget ; programme budgetting.
* presupuesto detallado = line item budget.
* presupuesto exiguo = shoestring budget.
* presupuesto extraordinario = capital grant.
* presupuesto global = lump sum budget.
* presupuesto muy pequeño = shoestring budget.
* presupuesto para adquisición de material = capital budget.
* presupuesto para gastos de funcionamiento = operating budget ; operating funds.
* presupuesto para la compra de libros = book funds [bookfunds].
* presupuesto para la compra de material = materials budget.
* presupuesto para libros = book budget.
* presupuesto precario = shoestring budget.
* presupuesto público = public funding.
* presupuestos = funding.
* presupuestos de la mayoría = majority assumptions.
* presupuestos públicos = state finance.
* proceso de asignación de presupuestos = budgetary process.
* recortar el presupuesto = cut back + budget ; cut + budget ; squeeze + budget ; tighten + the purse strings.
* recorte del presupuesto = budgetary constraint ; funding cut.
* recorte de presupuesto = cut in budget.
* recorte en el presupuesto = funding cut.
* reducir el presupuesto = cut + monies from + budget.
* sin exceder el presupuesto = budgetable.
(v.) = assume ; make + assumptions ; presuppose ; rest on/upon + the assumption that ; be under the assumption.
Ex: The foregoing discussion concerning analytical entries assumes implicitly a conventional catalogue format, that is, card, microform or other printed catalogue.
Ex: Care should be taken that the question asked solicits the information desired and that one does not proceed to make assumptions beyond established facts.
Ex: The ISBD presupposes that the description of a publication is a separate question independent of that of its entry.
Ex: The theory behind centralized cataloguing rests upon the assumption that libraries are duplicating cataloguing.
Ex: I had been under the assumption that attacking an opponent that was unaware would suffice to catch them flat-footed.
(v.) = budget ; cost out.
Ex: Over the last 15 years, the cost of periodicals has escalated so much that the amount of money budgeted for periodicals is simply no longer adequate.
Ex: Using such a method, a reference librarian would have to evaluate and cost out every activity.

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