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preferential, preferred, privileged
privileged status, preferred status, preferred standing


(adj.) = advantageous ; privileged.
Ex: However, a more advantageous site was offered, right in the shopping precinct, linking a covered mall of shops with a multi-functional community complex.
Ex: Public libraries were often in a privileged position to access such information and present it in a form acceptable to the public.
* abuso de información privilegiada = insider trading ; insider dealing.
* comunicación privilegiada = privileged communication.
* encontrarse en una situación privilegiada para = be well-positioned to ; be well-placed to.
* información privilegiada = insider information ; privileged information.
* lugar privilegiado = place in the sun.
* minoría privilegiada = chosen few.
* minoría privilegiada, la = privileged few, the.
* minoría privilegiada, una = privileged few, a.
* ocupar una situación privilegiada para = be well-positioned to ; be well-placed to.
* ocupar un lugar privilegiado = have + pride of place ; take + pride of place.
* posición privilegiada = advantageous position.
* situación privilegiada = advantageous location.
(v.) = privilege.
Ex: For without a doubt, this is a very partial enterprise, selecting and privileging some indigenous knowledge whilst discarding and excluding others.

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