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progress, advance; develop; get ahead


to progress

(v.) = gain + ground ; get + far ; make + gains ; make + progress ; make + strides ; move ahead ; move on ; progress ; make + a success of ; move forward ; make + advances ; move along ; get + unstuck ; make + headway ; gain + traction.
Ex: Standardisation of formats is less developed; however UNIMARC is gaining ground as a national exchange format, whilst USMARC is also used by university and public libraries.
Ex: If scientific reasoning were limited to the logical processes of arithmetic, we should not get far in our understanding of the physical world.
Ex: Expenditures in public libraries in the USA rose sharply in 1988 while use continued to make modest gains, with the greatest increase in juvenile loans.
Ex: We could then simply alter our expectations accordingly, and exult in the progress we have made.
Ex: And in the process of preserving the past, we believe that we can make substantial strides toward the digital library framework for the future.
Ex: It is impatient with Juctionville for its failure to move ahead as fast as it would like and is bothered by the city's drabness and general lack of class and culture.
Ex: While being off work he decided that he wanted to move on and resigned from the post.
Ex: It is normally taken to indicate that the document has been revised, if a work has progressed to a second or subsequent edition.
Ex: As his confidence grows, he begins to make a success of his scavenging, becoming an underground entrepreneur and an explorer of the world beneath the streets.
Ex: This article argues the need to move forward with the infotech culture without abandoning the service culture.
Ex: The author maintains that, aside from increasing computational speed, and thus real-time control, musically no advances have been made.
Ex: As university libraries move along this continuum they will become evolutionary, non-hierarchical, entrepreneurial and horizontal.
Ex: In addition, students can use the glossary to get 'unstuck' while learning.
Ex: Governments are making headway in negotiations aimed at reaching an ambitious and effective global greenhouse gas reduction treaty.
Ex: Windows haters may snide at Windows 8, but the platform is gaining traction whether they like it or not.
* cuanto ha progresado + Nombre = how far along + Nombre + be.
* hacer progresar = nudge + Nombre + forward ; nudge + Nombre + along ; nudge + Nombre + into.
* hacer progresar hacia = nudge + Nombre + toward.
* progresar adecuadamente = progress + satisfactorily.
* progresar con dificultad = thread through.
* progresar en + Posesivo + trabajo = advance + Posesivo + work.
* progresar satisfactoriamente = progress + satisfactorily.
* seguir progresando = forge + ahead ; forge + forward.

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