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forbidden, barred; restricted
taboo, prohibition, ban
prohibit, outlaw, forbid by law; interdict, enjoin, ban; prevent, hinder

forbidden, prohibited


(adj.) = unapproved ; censored ; prohibited.
Ex: Tenure came into being to protect the academic freedom of scholars who intellectually venture into new or unapproved areas of knowledge.
Ex: Censored books were marked with a hexagon and relegated to closed stacks = Los libros prohibidos se marcaban con un hexágono y se guardaban en los fondos de acceso restringido.
Ex: This bologna is a prohibited product because it is made from pork and has the potential for introducing foreign animal diseases to the U.S..
* árbol prohibido, el = forbidden tree, the.
* arma (de fuego) prohibida = prohibited firearm.
* arma prohibida = prohibited weapon.
* ciudad prohibida, la = forbidden city, the.
* documento prohibido = banned title.
* fruta prohibida = forbidden fruit.
* libro prohibido = banned book.
* placer prohibido = outlaw delight ; forbidden pleasure.
* prohibida la entrada = no admittance.
* señal de entrada prohibida = No Entry sign.
* señal de prohibido el paso = No Entry sign.
* ser zona prohibida = be off limits.
* sustancia prohibida = illegal substance ; prohibited substance.
* zona prohibida = no-go area.
(v.) = bar ; outlaw ; forbid ; prohibit ; impose + a ban ; ban ; restrain from ; banish ; proscribe.
Ex: Once the library is closed, all incoming or all outgoing calls should be barred.
Ex: The Taft-Hartley Act outlawed closed shops, jurisdictional strikes, sympathy strikes, and refusal to bargain.
Ex: Library policy may forbid staff members from giving appraisals.
Ex: There are laws which prohibit unlawful copyright infringement, but these are frequently contradictory and open to interpretation.
Ex: By imposing a ban one is only likely to set up antagonism and frustration which will turn against the very thing we are trying to encourage.
Ex: In the Soviet Union the introduction of glasnost has allowed the publication of some books previously banned, but has had little effect on libraries.
Ex: 'We also need to know the kinds of questions we are legally restrained from asking'.
Ex: Many types and colours of shelving are now available, and forbidding dark wooden bookcases have been banished from most libraries.
Ex: Under proposed legislation librarians and distributors who disseminate materials proscribed under these laws would be criminally liable.
* prohibir el despegue de un vuelo = ground + a flight.
* prohibir la entrada en = ban from.

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