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promise, undertake, pledge

he/she promised

(v.) = have + the potential (to/for) ; swear to + Infinitivo ; promise ; pledge ; hold out + prospect ; hold out + promise ; vow ; take + oath ; be promissory of ; take + a vow ; have + Posesivo + word ; vouchsafe.
Ex: They have achieved this status because they have the potential to store a relatively large number of documents.
Ex: Some authors, of course, object to their work being subjected to compulsory dissection for exams in the traditional deadly manner and like Bernard Shaw, they swear to haunt anyone who so mistreats them (Shaw's ghost must be busy these days).
Ex: CD-ROM promises to revive the fading dream of cooperative centralised computerised cataloguing.
Ex: Although Canada has pledged to phase out the use of halon gas by the year 2000, alternative gases are being developed.
Ex: The processing of electronic signals holds out the prospect of the automation of tasks which involve representations of information.
Ex: Information technology holds out the promise of an improved information flow.
Ex: The prosecutor vowed to fight what he considered an unjust law.
Ex: The library had a display of the Bible and the Koran for solicitors and others for purposes of taking oaths and swearing in.
Ex: The movie trailer was promissory of action and adventure, but the film itself was a bore.
Ex: This means that you must take a vow and refuse to raise children in an atmosphere of violence, both physical and mental.
Ex: You have my word I will not vote for Kerry for president.
Ex: Spurred at first by curiosity, then by necessity, Barbara takes it upon herself to discover what actually happened to Lucrezia and therefore vouchsafe her own safety.
* cumplir lo prometido = deliver + the goods.
* hacer prometer = extort + a promise.
* prometer demasiado = over-promise.
* prometer en matrimonio = betroth.
* prometer lealtad = pledge + allegiance.
* prometer mucho = promise + great possibilities ; bode + well.
* prometer ser interesante = promise + to be interesting.

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