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promote, advance, further; pioneer; sponsor; boost


* promovido por el gobierno = government-led.
* promovido por el propio sistema de información = information-led.
* promovido por la institución = organisation-led.
* promovido por la sociedad = culture-led.
* promovido por los académicos = academic-led.
(v.) = advance ; cultivate ; favour [favor, -USA] ; further ; launch ; promote ; pioneer ; instigate ; foster ; spur ; elicit ; forward ; drive ; evangelise [evangelize, -USA] ; push forward (with).
Ex: In addition to continuing and advancing programs begun prior to his directorship, Mr. Welsh has initiated the Cataloging in Publication program (CIP).
Ex: Such familiarity can be cultivated with experience, and will consider the following features of data bases.
Ex: Current trends favour cataloguing practices which can be applied to a variety of library materials.
Ex: IFLA's International Office for Universal Bibliographic Control was established in order to further international control of bibliographic records.
Ex: It describes an attempt by leaders in the CD-ROM business to launch a logical file structure standard for CD-ROM.
Ex: Initially, it is necessary that the scheme be published and available for purchase, and that its use is generally promoted.
Ex: Icons, or pictorial representations of objects in systems, were pioneered by Xerox.
Ex: The first mass removal of material was instigated by the trade unions and although admitted in 1932 to have been a mistake, the purges proved difficult to stop.
Ex: Among Mr. Welsh's professional activities and accomplishments are his successful efforts to foster an increased two-way communication between LC's Processing Department and his professional colleagues in the field.
Ex: Spurred by press comments on dumping of withdrawn library books in rubbish skips, Birkerd Library requested the Ministry of Culture's permission to sell withdrawn materials.
Ex: This article looks at ways in which librarians in leadership roles can elicit the motivation, commitment, and personal investment of members of the organisation.
Ex: In order to forward the mission of the University, specific programs will be targeted for growth, consolidation, and possible elimination.
Ex: The notation 796.33 is used for sporst involving an inflated ball propelled (driven) by foot.
Ex: Firstly, to be an evangelist, you cannot just promote any technologies, products or companies: you need to be excited about what you'll have to evangelize.
Ex: However, there are those with huge financial stakes in green energy and green policy that continue to push forward with this agenda because if new legislation goes through, they stand to make a fortune.
* promover el odio = fuel + hatred.
* promover la lectura = promote + reading.
* promoverse a Uno mismo = self-promote.
* promover una actividad = launch + an activity.
* promover una idea = promote + idea ; pioneer + idea.
* promover un interés = promote + interest.
* promover un programa = launch + a program(me).
* promover un proyecto = launch + a project ; launch + an effort.
* promover un punto de vista = promote + view.
* promover un servicio = launch + a service.
* volver a promover un producto = rehyping.

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