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rate, proportion, ratio

relation, rate ratio, proportion



(n.) = multiplication ratio ; percentage ; proportion ; ratio ; share ; split.
Ex: Would you have some ideas as to what the multiplication ratio of bibliographic records affected by those transactions was against the authority file?.
Ex: But those institutions, and I am referring particularly to public libraries, serve a very large percentage of the nation's library users.
Ex: Perfect recall can only be achieved by a drop in the proportion of relevant documents considered.
Ex: The microfiche is a common form for catalogues and indexes, usually 208 or 270 frames per fiche, in a piece of film and with a reduction ratio of 42 or 48:1.
Ex: The clicker paid each man according to what he had set, keeping for himself a share equal to that of the most productive hand.
Ex: For instance, a public library service might be said to have a 40:60 split in the provision of information and/or cultural materials, while an industrial library will be wholly information-based.
* alcanzar proporciones alarmantes = reach + alarming proportions.
* alcanzar proporciones catastróficas = reach + catastrophic proportions.
* alcanzar proporciones de crisis = grow to + crisis proportions.
* alcanzar proporciones desmesuradas = reach + epic proportions.
* alcanzar proporciones épicas = reach + epic proportions.
* alcanzar proporciones exageradas = reach + epic proportions.
* alcanzar proporciones mundiales = reach + global proportions.
* crisis de enormes proporciones = situation of crisis proportions.
* de proporciones catastróficas = of catastrophic proportions.
* de proporciones históricas = larger-than-life.
* de proporciones mundiales = of global proportions.
* en proporción a = proportionate to ; in proportion to.
* la proporción mayor de = the lion's share of.
* no guardar proporción con = be (far) out of proportion to.
* proporción de pantalla = aspect ratio.
* proporción dimensional = aspect ratio.
* proporciones astronómicas = astronomical proportions.
* proporción hombres-mujeres = sex ratio.
* sentido de la proporción = sense of proportion.
* tarea de enormes proporciones = daunting task.
* una gran proporción de = a large proportion of.

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