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provocative; aggressive; defiant; inviting; seductive

(adj.) = provocative ; smouldering [smoldering, -USA] ; saucy ; slinky ; raunchy .
Ex: To instill a certain sense of one's own fallibility, there is nothing like an exhilarating hour at the reference desk where one is asked an array of provocative questions.
Ex: We show you how to create a smouldering 40s look with a modern twist, using a home-grown cosmetic collection.
Ex: Although some British seaside resorts still sell saucy postcards, they are not as popular as they used to be.
Ex: She has an easy grace about her, a slinky sway to her stride that teasingly invites contact and beckons lecherous admiration.
Ex: She has appeared in yet another provocative pose as she returns to her raunchy image following the break-up of her marriage.
* de manera provocativa = suggestively.
* de modo provocativo = suggestively.
* de un modo provocativo = defiantly.
* ser muy provocativo = be a (real) tease.

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