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project, scheme; design; throw; show; screen

to project

(v.) = screen.
Ex: The database contains 12 of the most requested songs and screens the lyrics in time with the music = La base de datos contiene 12 de las canciones más solicitadas y muestra en pantalla las letras junto con la música.
* proyectar hacia fuera = project + outward.
* proyectar imagen = project + image.
* proyectar sombra = throw + shadow.
* proyectar una larga sombra sobre = cast + a long shadow over.
* proyectar una sombra sobre = cast + a shadow over.
(v.) = plan ; project.
Ex: An expansion of this edition which will serve school librarians throughout the English-speaking world is planned.
Ex: A motion picture is a length of film, with or without recorded sound, bearing a sequence of images that create the illusion of movement when projected in rapid succession.
* proyectar hacia el futuro = project + ahead.

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