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polished, shiny
polishing, shining
brighten, polish, shine; furbish




(adj.) = polished ; polishing ; burnishing ; polished ; manicured.
Ex: The consolidation of abstracts into a polished bulletin or list is usually the responsibility of information staff.
Ex: A thesaurus might advise the searcher that the following alternative terms might prove fruitful: polishing and other more specific terms, e.g. Printing works.
Ex: But burnishing is laborious and slow, and the full potential of the copperplate process could not be reached in the absence of a special press = Aunque el pulido es laborioso y lento y no se le pudo sacar el máximo partido al proceso de impresión mediante planchas de cobre al no disponer de una prensa especial.
Ex: A design engraved on the surface of a plate of polished copper can be printed if the lines of the design are filled with ink.
Ex: She is poised and manicured -- 'prissy,' according to her friends -- measuring her words with soft-spoken formality.
* acero pulido = brushed steel.
* bien pulido = well-honed.
* muy pulido = licked ; slick.
* poco pulido = unpolished.
(v.) = polish ; burnish ; buff ; polish + Nombre + up ; buff up ; sleek.
Ex: Some will produce a manuscript draft and work on and polish that; others will dictate their material and get a first typewritten draft to work on.
Ex: Any mistakes could be scraped or burnished away, and the plate hammered flat again for re-engraving; the same method was used for emendation = Cualquier error se podía eliminar raspándolo o puliéndolo y la plancha de impresión se alisaba de nuevo a martillazos para su regrabado; se usaba el mismo método para la corrección.
Ex: This is a naturally-occurring abrasive traditionally employed in buffing metal.
Ex: If we polish up and internalize these pearls of wisdom, especially those which challenge our existing boundaries and beliefs, the payoff can be priceless.
Ex: Let it dry for 15 minutes then buff it up with a soft brush or a soft rag.
Ex: Wait 7 to 8 hours between coats, then using a plastic trowel polish by sleeking the surface with circular movements.
* borrar puliendo = buff out.
* eliminar puliendo = buff out.
* sin pulir = unpolished.

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