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moan; complain, gripe; grumble; quarrel; murmur


to complain

(v.) = complain ; grieve ; grumble ; protest ; remonstrate ; moan ; whinge [winge] ; be (all) up in arms ; voice + complaint ; whine ; niggle ; carp ; groan ; rail against ; cry + foul ; fuss ; grouch (about) ; whimper ; yammer ; express + discomfort ; express + despair ; bitch.
Ex: Then he complained to the reference librarian and said, 'Well, you have one edition under one title and another edition under another title'.
Ex: If we take Cindi, Albert will almost surely grieve.
Ex: Staff have continually grumbled about this extra effort.
Ex: 'He's building himself a small empire,' one protested bitterly.
Ex: 'I'd love to be able to get them off my back', he remonstrated with a deep sigh.
Ex: The article 'Don't you weep, don't you moan: a sermon on entrepreneurship for acquisitions librarians' urges librarians to become entrepreneurial, to market their services, and to become visible.
Ex: The advice is summarized under the headings: be positive; be honest; be exact; and don't whinge.
Ex: And everyone who reads, writes, sings, does research, or teaches should be up in arms but the real question is why so few people are complaining.
Ex: Occasional users did not, as a rule, voice complaints.
Ex: Nothing you can do about that so no use whining.
Ex: The House of Commons passed the week in niggling without result over a profusion of theoretical issues.
Ex: You who carped that the 007 films had devolved into a catalog of fresh gadgets and stale puns, eat crow.
Ex: Young kids like listening to these shaggy dog stories, but don't usually 'get it', while parents generally groan over the punch lines.
Ex: She has vented her frustration over the nation's over-zealous traffic wardens and railed against the littered streets.
Ex: Hillary has put her cards on the table and her supporters still do not cry foul.
Ex: A baby who fusses, cries or displays other colicky symptoms is most likely reacting quite negatively to something that his or her mother is eating.
Ex: You can choose to grouch about what they don't have OR open your mind up and see what they have to offer.
Ex: My baby is 2 months old, he spends most of his waking time either whining or whimpering, only occasionally seems content.
Ex: The righties in this country keep yammering about 'we shouldn't be giving terrorists the same rights Americans enjoy'.
Ex: If the child continues to express severe discomfort or if the herniated bulge returns to the navel area, contact your physician immediately.
Ex: In this passage, Macbeth expresses despair at the realization that death is inevitable.
Ex: Nobody bitched, because there was nothing to bitch about.
* quejarse de = deplore ; bemoan ; bleat (on) about.
* quejarse en vano = bay at + the moon ; bark at + the moon.
* sin quejarse = uncomplaining ; uncomplainingly ; without complaining ; without (a word of) complaint ; without question.

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