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mouse, small rodent with a long tail and a pointy face with little round ears; hand-size input device with buttons that when moved across a surface causes the cursor on the screen to move in the same direction (Computers)

mouse mouse



(n.) = mouse [mice, -pl.].
Ex: The artist's portrayal of his father's struggle for survival, utilizing the visual device of animal characters (mice for Jews, cats for Nazis, etc.) is among the most memorable in all Holocaust literature.
* más vale ser cabeza de ratón que cola de león = better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.
* ratón de biblioteca = bookish ; bookworm.
(n.) = mouse [mice, -pl.].
Nota: Dispositivo de un ordenador que se utiliza para desplazar el cursor, trazar, elegir opciones de menú, manipular datos, etc. sin necesidad de utilizar el teclado.
Ex: Examples of other input equipment are: bar-code and optical character readers; light pens; and the 'Mouse' (a device for controlling the cursor and entering data without using the keyboard).
* alfombrilla para el ratón = mouse pad.
* elegir pulsando una tecla de un ratón = click.
* simplemente con pulsar el ratón = a click away.
* WIMP (Ventanas, Iconos, Ratones y Punteros) = WIMP (Windows, Icons, Mice, and Pointers).

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