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race; breed, strain

breed, race


(n.) = breed ; people ; race ; strain.
Ex: He is one of the new breed of librarians, a person with traditional library training enhanced by formal training in mathematics and computer science.
Ex: For example, the Library of Congress established names of indigenous American and African peoples are very often derogatory corruptions of their real names.
Ex: Tradition may sanction the use of the word 'man' to mean the human race.
Ex: The dynamism of a continent-wide free society drawn from many strains depended on more people having access to more knowledge to be used in more ways = El dinamismo de una sociedad continental libre compuesta de muchas razas dependía de que un mayor número de personas tuviera acceso a un mayor conocimiento para que se utilizara de más formas diferentes.
* a favor de la raza negra = pro-black [problack].
* cruce de razas = mixed breed.
* de pura raza = pure-blood ; purebred ; pedigreed.
* de raza pura = purebred ; pedigreed.
* dimensión de raza = racial dimension.
* en contra de la raza blanca = anti-white [antiwhite].
* en contra de la raza negra = antiblack [anti-black].
* escoria social de raza blanca = white trash.
* evolución de la raza humana = human evolution.
* igualdad entre las razas = race equality.
* neutral desde el punto de vista de la raza = race-neutral.
* perro de raza = pedigreed dog.
* perro de raza pura = pedigreed dog.
* persona de raza blanca = white.
* persona de raza negra = black.
* pura raza = thoroughbred ; blood horse ; purebred ; purebreed.
* raza cruzada = mixed breed.
* raza de ganado = breed of cattle.
* raza humana = humankind.
* raza humana, la = human race, the.
* ser de raza negra o de piel morena = be coloured.

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