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real, actual; regal, royal, kingly

royal, kingly, real, actual


(adj.) = royal.
Ex: No less prestigious an authority than a royal Commission was appointed to inquire into the charges brought against the man principally responsible for that volume.
* águila real = golden eagle.
* ascendencia real = royal descent.
* boda real = royal wedding.
* cañada real = droving road.
* carta real = charter.
* casa real, la = royal household, the.
* de sangre real = of royal blood.
* emisario real = royal emissary.
* familia real, la = royal family, the.
* glacé real = royal icing ; glacé royal.
* jalea real = royal jelly.
* Nombre + real = majesty's + Nombre.
* pagar derechos reales = pay + royalty.
* pavo real = peacock.
* por decreto real = by royal decree.
* Princesa Real = Princess Royal.
* príncipe real = royal prince.
* sangre real = royal blood ; royal descent.
* sello real = royal stamp.
(adj.) = actual ; flesh-and-blood ; genuine ; real ; real-world ; real-life ; on the ground ; factual ; authentic.
Ex: It presents a case study based on an actual situation which arose between the chief librarian of a public library and the library janitor.
Ex: It is in this way that students gain experience by proxy and get a feel for handling problems in the flesh-and-blood world.
Ex: A general paper may be irrelevant to a specialist but of genuine value to someone seeking a brief introduction to a field peripheral to their main interest.
Ex: In this case we find a tendency to ignore the author's identity as found in the document, and to prefer instead a real name to a pseudonym.
Ex: It is unfortunate that there is a dearth of real-world logged data to explore usage and problems.
Ex: Many librarians find such theories difficult to put into practice in real-life situations.
Ex: It is difficult to know just to what extent vague concepts like 'the flow of information in a democratic society' actually result in services on the ground.
Ex: No one, in this purely hypothetical example, has thought that the reader might be happy with a factual account of an Atlantic convoy as well as, or in place of, a purely fictional account.
Ex: These names are not the authentic names of these peoples.
* comprobación en la práctica real = field test.
* datos concretos y reales = hard data.
* desconectarse del mundo real = switch off from + the real world.
* en el mundo real = in the real world.
* en la práctica real = in actual practice.
* en la vida real = in real life.
* en términos reales = in real terms ; in actual practice.
* experiencia del mundo real = real-world training.
* formación en el mundo real = real-world training.
* hecho real = brute fact.
* hechos reales = true story.
* mundo real, el = real world, the.
* número real = real number.
* práctica real = actual practice.
* problema real = real problem.
* real y verdaderamente = really and truly.
* solución poco real = pie in the sky solution.
* tamaño real = full-size.
* vida real = real life.

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