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really, truly, actually; simply



= do ; realistically ; really ; factually ; effectively ; if the truth be known ; if the truth be told ; well and truly.
Ex: In general then, the analytical approach is to be preferred, but it does have two limitations.
Ex: In the light of the information explosion, no researcher can now realistically expect to keep pace with developments in his own field, let alone those in allied fields = En vista del crecimiento vertiginoso de la información, siendo realista ahora el investigador no puede mantenerse al día en los avances de su propio campo y mucho menos de los de campos afines.
Ex: Natural indexing languages are not really a separate language at all, but the 'natural language' or ordinary language of the document being indexed.
Ex: It is factually wrong and historically incorrect to deify scientists, who share the foibles and weaknesses of other human beings.
Ex: A financial survey views the net effect of California's Proposition 13 as effectively lowering financial support of libraries by 25%.
Ex: If the truth be known, most successes are built on a multitude of failures.
Ex: If the truth be told, both sides of the political spectrum suffer from those who operate on emotions rather than logic.
Ex: Astro well and truly blew his chances of winning the show with his tantrum a couple of weeks ago.
* mostrarse como Uno realmente es = reveal + Posesivo + true colours ; show + Reflexivo + in + Posesivo + true colours ; show + Posesivo + (true) colours.
* ser realmente = be nothing short of.

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