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renew, restart, recommence, resume

reboot, restart, resume

to renew

(v.) = restart ; resume ; reinstitute ; renew.
Ex: The system restarts the previously discontinued search, instead of just using the incomplete results.
Ex: 'I'll give it more thought,' she said with a sharp frown, resuming her former posture.
Ex: The move came on the heels of Russia's decision to reinstitute bomber missions over the North Sea after a 17-year hiatus.
Ex: But the new regulations were both unpopular and ineffective, and were not renewed after 1695.
* reanudar el ataque = renew + the attack.
* reanudar las hostilidades = renew + the hostilities.
* reanudar las operaciones = be back in business.
* reanudar las relaciones diplomáticas = re-establish + diplomatic relations.
* reanudar + Posesivo + estudios = resume + Posesivo + studies.

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